Favorite Podcasts

Current favorites

Software Engineering Daily: A new episode every day! Amazing quality at that pace for a single host. Topics range over all new movements in software: Kubernetes, security, Bitcoin, AI, frontend, backend, datastore, ad naseum. Within each domain, experts describe concepts, architectures, ponder future trajectories, etc.

The Cloudcast: A conversational cast with Cloud luminaries on their areas of expertise. Topics cover all Cloud technologies and movements. Usually conceptual, but occasional deep dives.

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Get the inside scoop on all things Google. Key players in every corner of the Googlescape join to talk about their projects and domains. High production values and polished interviewers make every episode an enjoyable listen.

Go Time: Gophers and golang notables talk about all things go. Enjoyable to listen to and a great source for new projects and help uping your go game. Also a great source of new projects and tools in the show’s last five minute roundup.

No experience needed

These podcasts do an excellent job of explaining new technologies to an audience without deep domain knowledge - any technical listener should be able to understand any topic.

The Changelog: Focuses on the Open Source ecosystem: personalities, entrepreneurial efforts, languages, frameworks, modern development practices. I am continually impressed with the quality of interviews and interviewees.

Software Engineering Radio: A Markus Voelter creation pursuing a more academic review of current software engineering trends by the experts leading the way. Later (2012) supported by IEEE Software, a great fit, and remains true to the original vision.

Pending review

New Rustacean: Focuses on learning Rust; one of two major Rust-focused podcasts.


Rusty Spike Podcast: Rust ecosystem

Past favorites

JavaScript Jabber: A weekly panel interview of JavaScript notables around the technologies they are involved with, interspersed with career and community development. Comfortable, informative, and entertaining.

NodeUp: All things Node in an hour. Node.js community notables in a floating panel format discuss Node evolution, community activities, and mostly Node technology. Irregularly delivered, but usually once per month.